Review On Cannon Power G9

This Digital Camera comes with 12.1 Mp lens and great performance with tonnes of features. One of my friends purchased this camera and got it delivered few weeks before, after having a thorough analysis read in many websites about digital camera.First of all, lets talk about the package contents which includes...

Review On Blackberry Storm

The new Vodafone’s BlackBerry Storm has stormed the market and has attracted the whole world. BlackBerry’s parent company says that this phone is something that will really compete with an iPhone. So, here goes an elaborate review about the phone. The Storm has a clickable touch screen, which is really spectacular. On the Storm, the screen moves under your finger’s pressure, so that when you touch the screen it highlights an option and only selects...
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Better Alternative To Google Adsense

If people are rejected from Google AdSense and have tried so many methods to make money through Internet but have not yet made a cent can try this one. Today, I was browsing for companies that provide contextual advertisements but suddenly I found this website. So, I thought may be I can do a small review about this program namely, Project Wonderful.

Many people get banned from Google, Bidvertiser and so on because of repeated clicks or due to some fraudulent activities or at times without any fault of their own. So, for all those people this one will be a better alternative. Here you just need to provide a space in your site and the advertisers will bid for that space. The one who wins the bid will put the ad in your space for a day. And this amount gets added to your account. Remember, it does not require any clicks from any users. You just get paid for showing the ad for a day. Advertising is sold on the basis of time instead of clicks. Instead of earning money for clicks on your ads, you earn money every day that an ad is active on your site.

The initial amount you set here can be 0.01$ so that your site is full of ads and you earn daily rather setting an amount of 25$ to earn just zero at the end of the month. So, it is up to each individual to set his strategy to make the most out of this program. The fund that you earn through them can in turn be used for advertising your site. Another advantage is that you can run these ads besides other Ad agencies too.

Please take some time to answer this poll below.

How much do you make with your Blog??
Less than 25$ Less than 100$ More than 100$ Not a cent still

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